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At ArthritisCARE, we believe that everyone should have access to high quality rheumatology care at a fair price. To achieve this, we have designed a purpose-built facility equipped with the latest technology and diagnostic equipment so that so we can provide the highest possible muscle, joint and bone care for our patients. While keeping our consultation fees at an affordable level.

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We Genuinely
Do Work
With You

We value your referral, your patient and your time. So we will have our post-consultation report and recommended treatment plan with you within three working days in most cases. With our Rheumatologists obviously available by phone to discuss further.

quick appointments

of Urgent

If you advise us that, in your clinical opinion, your patient needs to be seen urgently, we will do all we can to move existing appointments to ensure they are seen as soon as is possible. Our Practice Manager sees it as her personal challenge to make the scheduling changes necessary to ensure that urgent cases are seen quickly.

friendly caring team

Not Just One
Opinion For
Complex Cases

Because we have a team of experienced Rheumatologists within the practice, we often confer with each other re diagnoses and most effective clinical interventions for complex cases. Effectively giving you access to multiple opinions behind the final recommendations and management plan for your most complex patients.

happy to help

Happy To
Help With
Advice Too!

We appreciate that with a bit of advice, you can manage the musculoskeletal conditions of many of your own patients, without the need for a formal rheumatology review. All of our Rheumatologists are happy to talk with you on the phone, outside of their appointments, to help with treatment plan suggestions.


Purpose Built
Located Clinic

The last thing you want for your patients with mobility challenges and pain management issues is to send them for a specialist review which causes them yet more discomfort. The ArthritisCARE building is situated next to the Dutton Park Railway Station, right at the back of Princess Alexandra Hospital and is a fully accessible premises. Our free parking onsite avoids the inconvenience of expensive CBD parking or having to park a long distance from the specialist rooms.

state of the art facility

Purpose Built
State Of The
Art Facility

Our mobility friendly modern practice, centrally located close to both private and public hospitals, provides a comfortable welcoming environment. Offering plenty of free parking onsite and easy access whether you are traveling by car or public transport.

we treat

rheumatoid arthritis
psoriatic arthritis
Ankylosing Spondylitis
Polymyalgia Rheumatica

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ArthritisCARE Rheumatologists
why choose doctors

Between us, we have many years of experience, not just in rheumatology, but also in general medicine, with some of us even having spent time as General Practitioners in the past. Why is this important? Because it ensures that we keep in mind your patient's “whole person” needs - not just limiting our focus to attending to your patient's disease and physical symptoms.

We highly appreciate the importance of keeping in close contact with you as a key partner for your patients' ongoing support. You need to be aware of what is going on for your patients' care from the ArthritisCARE team and you are encouraged to contact us at any time with questions on your patients' behalf.

As there are several Rheumatologists at the ArthritisCARE practice, we benefit from being able to turn to each other for advice. In turn, this is really helpful for your patients if they come to us with a particularly complex set of symptoms. It’s a bit like having a rheumatology brains trust in-house to work on the best treatment plan for your patients!

We also offer both female and male Rheumatologists, as we appreciate that it is important that your patients have a choice about who they meet with to discuss their own condition and treatment options.

Options for Doctors

Option 1
Refer to us through Medical Objects

Our practice uses Medical-Objects as our preferred communication platform.

If you are happy for us to arrange for the quickest possible review by a Rheumatologist, send your referral via Medical Objects to ArthritisCARE (Provider No. XA41020005U) or Dr Peter Landsberg (Provider No. 042681JB) and mention in the referral note that you are happy for any Rheumatologist at ArthritisCARE to manage the referred patient.

Or, if you have a definite preference for a specific Rheumatologist on our team, and are prepared to wait for a later appointment if need be, you can address the referral to that doctor specifically.

  • Dr Peter Landsberg (Provider No. 042681JB)
  • Dr Louise McCormack (Provider No. 250807LT)
  • Dr Clare Owens (Provider No. 420528CK)
  • Dr Maryam Zia (Provider No. 414538BJ)
  • Dr Sergei Grosman (Provider No. 4200297Y)
  • Dr Katherine Dutton (Provider No. 433985XW)
  • Dr Divita Jhaveri (Provider No. 490867DA)

Option 2
Complete our referral form


Option 3
Email your referral to us at

Option 4
Or just use the good old fax!

Fax your own referral direct to ArthritisCARE
on (07) 3521 6780